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    Endangered Steller Sea Lion scat samples collected in the Pribilof Islands

    ECO staff and colleagues during the scat collection trip to Walrus and Otter Islands.

    The Steller sea lion population in the Pribilof Islands has declined to extremely low levels and the sole remaining breeding rookery at Walrus Island is currently in danger of extinction. Over the last 50 years pup production on Walrus Island […]

    Beachcast killer whale calf found on St. Paul Island

    Beachcast killer whale calf on St. Paul Island, Alaska.

    A dead killer whale calf was found August 20, 2011 on the north coast of St. Paul Island by local resident Esther Baldwin. The beachcast orca was reported to the St. Paul Ecosystem Conservation Office Island Sentinel Program and the observation was recorded in the […]