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    Radiation testing for northern fur seals

    In summer 2014, NOAA Fisheries in partnership with ColoradoState University NFS radiation page 1collected tissue from northern fur seals harvested from St. Paul Island for lab testing of the radiation levels. They also field-tested marine debris that might have come from Japan.

    “The amount of radiation you are exposed to as a result of eating fur seals from the area is very, very small compared to the amount of radiation you are exposed to naturally from the sun or x-rays for health diagnosis. You won’t be hurt or experience negative consequences as a result of this small amount of radiation exposure. Additionally, the amounts of radioactive material found within the seal tissues are not enough to cause negative consequences for the seals themselves. At these levels the radiation poses no risk to human health from consumption of northern fur seals by Alaska Natives.”

    Contact one of the St. Paul Island Sentinels for more information or to obtain a copy of the press release or journal article.NFS radiation page 2

    See a PDF version of the press release here:

    Pribilof NFS testing Fact Sheet Finalupdate 2015

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