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    St. Paul Island Community Members Take Flight!

    Perhaps one of the greatest joys when flying to St. Paul is the approach to the island. The descent through the clouds to find a bird’s-eye-view of the island is breathtaking, especially in the summer time when the tundra has greened up and the wildflowers are blooming and the Bering Sea is crashing along the […]

    Students Prepare for Summer 2017 Seabird Camp with Welcome Posters

    May 19, 2017 by Seabird Youth Network

    Summer is approaching, and school is almost out for the summer vacation. Students on both the Commander Islands and the Pribilofs are getting excited for summer activities.

    4th graders on St. Paul Island have been busy making posters to hang up at school to tell people […]

    St. Paul Marine Debris Cleanup

    Community members removed over 21,000 lbs of debris from St. Paul Island’s shorelines at the beginning of May! Read about the efforts here.