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    There are two main areas of interest:

    • Species or events that are of known importance to the local community and collaborating organizations.
    • Anomalies or unusual occurrences in the local environment.

    Examples of Key Things to Watch for and Note for selected species of interest:

    Killer whale photographed near Dalnoi Point on St. George Island by local fisherman Rodney Lekanof in 2005. This whale was determined to be consistent with the transient ecotype based on visual evaluation of this photograph by collaborating experts.

    Killer Whales

    • Identification (saddle-patch photo)
    • Predation/depredation events

    Steller sea lions

    • Brands
    • Entanglements
    • Pups
    • Dead or injured sea lions

    Northern fur seals

    • Entanglements,
    • Flipper tags


    • Species (photos critical for Steller’s and Spectacled Eiders)


    • Nests and/or chicks

    Additional Things to Watch for and Note


    • Anything unusual (e.g. new species, timing, etc.)
    • Animals (e.g. seaducks, gulls, sea lions, etc.) in a location or numbers or doing something they don’t usually do.

    Abiotic (non living) things

    • Water temperature
    • Ice movement/ details

    Things that might help the Sentinels

    • Beachcast (dead) animals (e.g. whales, pinnipeds, birds, etc.).
    • Marine debris or signs of an oil spill that may present a hazard to local wildlife