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    Making Observations


    There are three main types of information that should be recorded in the field when an observation is made:

    1. Context data (e.g. date, time, observers present, weather conditions, etc.)

    2. Observation data (e.g. animal, event, anomalies etc.)

    3. Photo data (e.g. photo or video of observation).

    Citizen Sentinel logbook data entry page.

    Context Data

    A. Date, time, location (as specific as possible) of animals, location of observer (including distance), observer (and anyone else present) and any additional details (e.g. using 40x binoculars).

    B. Weather details including estimates of wind speed and direction, sea state, visibility, and weather conditions (e.g. precipitation).

    Observation Data

    A. Species observed (or best estimate). Note: do not attempt to overstate your reliability (i.e. if not sure always say so).

    B. Number of animals (or best estimate), including age and sex class if possible to identify reliably.

    C. Behavior of animals: general categories are usually best (e.g. active, resting/inactive) unless they are doing something specific and identifiable (e.g. fighting, nursing).

    D. Condition of animals: (e.g. entangled, branded, dead)

    Photo Documentation

    A. Whenever possible, take photos or video

    B. Take as many photos as needed to document the observation including context.




    Recording Observations